The Only True Global Sports Nutrition Certification

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With The ISSN-SNS Certification The Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level with the ISSN-SNS is a mid to high-level sports nutrition certification and course. Depending on

The Only True Global Sports Nutrition Certification

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Many certifications claim to be “international” or “global” but are, in fact, not at all. Just naming a certification course “international,” “global,” or worse, a self-proclaimed “association” doesn’t make it one.

GPNi® works officially alongside The International Society of Sports Nutrition, The ISSN®, founded by pioneers in the sports nutrition research space since 2003, and is the global leader. 

In addition, most online courses are offered in the English language only but falsely claim to be an “international” certification course. The raw fact is that it is less than 5% of the world’s population are native English speakers, though of course many do have English as their second language, a large majority of people are not native English speakers. 


Who Is the GPNi®?

The Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) was founded in 2018 by an international team stretched across the world in sports nutrition. 

The GPNi® was founded by sports nutrition experts, pioneers in the space, and captains of industry.  The GPNi® also works closely and partners with the ISSN, academics, researchers, and has a global extended network of experts and lecturers. 


Who Is The ISSN®?

Gpni team

The ISSN® was founded in 2003 by experts, researchers, and academics in sports nutrition, who felt an obligation to the world to provide scientific peer-reviewed research. The ISSN has led the globe in research, seminars since its inception. The ISSN® is also the leading non-for-profit society of sports nutrition globally and is recognized by many College and University programs internationally. Throughout the year, the ISSN pools together the best scholars and experts in the field for seminars, online webinars, and the yearly conference held in June. 

The GPNi® & ISSN Partnership

Gpni partnership

For the past 19 years, the ISSN has had self-study certification, but since 2021 is now officially working with the GPNi® portal for online courses for the world-renowned Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Level-1 certification and launching in early 2022 the much-awaited Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) Master Level-2. 


Language Options

Gpni team

Through the GPNi®, all certifications and continuing education courses are offered now in these languages below:


The GPNi®, together with a local Country Franchise partner, will also be launching in Japanese language versions in April 2022. For more information for different country regions and the Country Partner and Franchise opportunities on the GPNi® portal, please visit here: or send us an email to 

Truly Global Certification

With thousands certified worldwide, the ISSN, the pioneers in the game, available in multiple countries and now numerous languages, the certifications on the GPNi® portal are the only TRUE international sports nutrition certifications in the world today. 

With the English language double certification Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) and the Advanced Sports Nutrition Coach (ANSC), the GPNi® portal has students based all over the globe. All mingling together to learn, network, and make friends with our “live” sessions and chat group through online Skype “classroom.”

Just in the last 3 class groups, online GPNi® has had students in from: 

Students from 15 countries in just 3 class groups! With all online, on-demand content, 90% study when you wish, together with 10% “live” classes at times that suit everyone – there are no borders or boundaries to learning in learning through the GPNi®! With GPNi®, get 360degree education solutions. 


What To Gain With The GPNi® Education Solution?

Meetings gpni

Through the GPNi® online portal, you will:  

Studying in a group together with like-minded fitness professionals/fitness lovers literally throughout the world is an experience like no other online portal can offer!  


Our Current SNS Certification November 2021

Our next cohort and signups for the Double Certification SNS & ANSC have begun with students now from: 

Regions and languages

Where are you based in the world?  

Learn online and make friends and learn from people literally from all over the world! There are some spots left, so get in touch to learn more 

Get Certified

Learn more here for this opportunity to learn with the best and study with people from all over the world together with live lectures by Dr. Jose Antonio: 

Nutrition specialist

Get certified to be a “Sports Nutrition Specialist” (SNS), internationally recognized and founded by the experts and academics who pioneered sports nutrition to what it is today. 

The upcoming double certification with SNS combined with the ANSC is coming up and has a few spots left. Learn online, on-demand content, watch anytime, anywhere – together with “live,” access to experts, this time with Dr. Jose Antonio, the founder of the ISSN.


Email for more information: 

Why Get Certified?

Plug into the world of sports nutrition, network, and grow your career with the only authentic international sports nutrition certification, now with high quality, on-demand, 100% online certification courses on the GPNi® portal. 

Dr Reid Reale

With the new online learning portal and online classroom, there are no more extended borders or barriers, with GPNi® now offering 360° learning, education, and certification for those wanting to upgrade themselves in the world of Performance Nutrition.  


Launching December 10th, 2021, on offer is the all-new 100% on-demand version for the ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS). Study at your own pace, your time-zone though together with complete customer and nutrition monthly accountability online Zoom classrooms with one of our qualified global performance nutrition experts. 

Ask us for more details if you wish to learn more about this single SNS certification with on-demand only courses

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