PNE Level-1 Online Course Schedule

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PNE Level-1 Online Course Schedule

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With The ISSN-SNS Certification

The Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level with the ISSN-SNS is a mid to high-level sports nutrition certification and course. Depending on the level of your prior knowledge and experience, you will find the content extremely thorough and be able to boost your knowledge.

It’s excellent as a stronger foundation for those already with some knowledge in nutrition. It may seem quite advanced for those new to nutrition for those with little knowledge.

Watch the full student review by Lenka Sutra online here

Is This Course for You?

If you are at an early or moderate stage in your sports nutrition or coaching career, or if you wish to progress to the path of a Nutrition Specialist, this is an ideal foundation course to begin with.

The perks of this course are that it is an all-online course with on-demand and “live” offerings (with recorded playback), so the best of both worlds. You will be able to learn anytime, anywhere in the world, direct, in the comfort of your own home!

It’s also a great way to prepare as a foundation course to go onto the PNE Level-2 Masters, with the ISSN-CISSN certification as the PNE Level-1 with SNS is a prerequisite.

Watch a clip from one of the "live" classes in 2022 here.

What Is Included?

Course material

Certification Fees:

Logistics Cost for Materials & Books


There are no additional costs or fees other than the above; it includes all. You can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions

Live Class Schedule

The live class schedule will commence the weekend of July 9th unless changed. The live class schedule will be determined by the number of student sign-ups for this cohort. The main course Lecture and expert will be Dr. Vince, and the special Guest Expert Lecture will be Dr. Trisha, the current President Of the ISSN.

The on-demand study, over 90% of the course structure, can begin directly after signing up on the GPNi® Student Centre. Study online, anytime, anywhere at times that suit you! 

Watch this clip from CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Jose Antonio on what is the SNS Certification Level-1 with PNE by GPNi

For more info and to register, click on the button below or email please

GPNi® is the fastest growing and leading global online education portal in performance nutrition. It is also the official partner for the International Society of Sports Nutrition, ISSN, the pioneers in sports nutrition research since 2003.

GPNi® gives you 360° access to our unique and exclusive online real-life classroom experience. Upgrade your knowledge, qualifications, network, and connections globally to take your career in sports nutrition to the next level with the GPNi®.

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