ISSN Fight Science Camp Seminar

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With The ISSN-SNS Certification The Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level with the ISSN-SNS is a mid to high-level sports nutrition certification and course. Depending on

ISSN Fight Science Camp Seminar

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On-Demand & Online Through GPNi®

The ISSN® Fight Science Camp seminar was held on November 6th at the IHP® headquarters in Florida. Hundreds joined to learn from the global experts about combat sports about training, competition, and nutrition. If you missed it due to a conflict of schedule or could not travel, now you can catch up and watch the on-demand version exclusively through the GPNi® portal. 

With nearly 3 hours of jam-packed value, with six global experts in the field of fight science and sports nutrition, the on-demand seminar is one not to be missed. This was professionally filmed “live” on location at the seminar and is now available for playback on-demand exclusively through the GPNi®.

ISSN Fight Science Camp Seminar

For 2021, this is the 3rd on-demand ISSN webinar/seminar to date. Learn from global elite experts in combat sports at the cutting edge performance nutrition strategies for professional athletes backed by science. 

Watch On-Demand & Get Instant Access Now! Unlimited Viewing Up To One Year From Purchase!

Gpni offers

Special ISSN® / GPNi® Members Offer

Use coupon code “issnfight” and pay USD$69 ISSN® members only, saving USD$20 with the public price set at USD$89 on the GPNi® website, or existing members just log in and pay. 

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Key Takeaways Include:

Key points by gpni

Get over 2-hours of value with global experts in training, gyms, and sports nutrition in combat sports and MMA. Leveraging off multiple decades of expertise in the combat sports space!

Global experts

Global Expert Lecture List

On-Demand Options

On-Demand Benefits

On demand benefits

Speaker One

Juan Carlos Santana MS FNSCS CISSN - Training the Genetic Bandwidth. Bio: JC Santana is one of the world's leading trainers and the founder and owner of the Institute for Human Performance. About The Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton (

Speaker Two

Tony Ricci EdD FISSN CSCS - Relevant Physiology Markers and Technology for Assessing Combat Athletes. Bio: Dr. Ricci is an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University and is a renowned expert on strength and conditioning for fight sports. Anthony Ricci | College of Health Care Sciences | NSU (

Speaker Three

Corey Peacock Ph.D. FISSN CSCS - Research from the NSU Fight Science Lab. Bio: Dr. Peacock is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science at Nova Southeastern University. His research focuses on human performance and, in particular, his work with world-class fighters. Corey Peacock | College of Health Care Sciences | NSU (!

Speaker Four

Julius Thomas - Psychology of world-class athletic performance. Bio: Mr. Thomas is a doctoral student (Psy.D) at Nova Southeastern University and is a former professional football player (2011-2017) for the Broncos, Jaguars, and Dolphins. Julius Thomas - Doctoral Student - Memorial Rehabilitation Institute | LinkedIn

Speaker Five

Jackie Kaminski MS RDN/LDN - Acute Weight Loss Strategies for Fight Week. Bio: Ms. Kaminski is a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist that works as the personal nutritionist for a diverse group of professional fighters. Performance Nutrition | The Fight Nutritionist | Home

Speaker Six

Alan Nguyen DO - A Ringside Physician's Take on Combat Injuries. Bio: Dr. Nguyen is a PMNR physician at Larkin Memorial Hospital and serves as a ringside physician for professional fights. Health and Human Performance Advisory Board - NSU (

Previous On-Demand Videos

ISSN Female Health & Performance Nutrition

Originally “live” online on October 2nd. Learn from experts in professional sport and female health on the cutting edge on what helps female aid athletes for best performance and remain healthy longer. 

On-Demand Price

The Science of Building a Successful PT Business

Originally “live” September 18th titled “The Science Of Building A Successful PT Business.” It was attended “live” by hundreds and now many hundreds more to watch and learn some of the pearls of wisdom from this, now also available for on-demand viewing.  

On-Demand Price

Follow this link and enter the coupon code at checkout and get Instant Access 

On-Demand Webinar Learning

ISSN® conferences and webinars, now with an on-demand option exclusively through the GPNi® portal. Watch anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you wish for up to one year after purchase. 

Watch & Learn Online & On-Demand From The Global Elite Training In Sports Nutrition!


Available late December, yearly subscription to all previous and upcoming ISSN® webinars & seminars on-demand versions for one year from purchase. Gift your loved one with the best Christmas gift they could ever wish for and gain knowledge bombs in performance nutrition access all year round. 

Professionally filmed for seminars and recorded in high definition on Zoom and professionally edited with titles to have a whole uninterrupted and quality on-demand viewing experience. English captions and multiple language options are also coming soon! 


Get unlimited access for up to 12months and be automatically notified when new content is available straight to your inbox. 

More on-demand content is coming in 2022, including the all-new “Master Class” exclusive content by global experts in performance nutrition. Please Email Us for more information.

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