GPNi® Christmas & New Year’s Promotion

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PNE Level-1 Online Course Schedule

With The ISSN-SNS Certification The Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level with the ISSN-SNS is a mid to high-level sports nutrition certification and course. Depending on

GPNi® Christmas & New Year’s Promotion

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From today until Friday, December 31st, purchase any of our certifications, courses, on-demand content & SAVE!  

Make for a perfect Christmas gift for loved ones or a gift to yourself. Purchase for yourself with savings or a gift to a friend. Sale persists strictly for a limited time, also student course number availability. The promotion ends Friday midnight 31st December.


Get up to an additional 40% retail price off all courses and certifications listed. Active paid members receive up to an additional 20% off the listed members’ price.  

Hurry, though; this is for a limited time only, and the offer ends midnight sharp on December 31st, 2021! 

Endurance & Marathon Nutrition Coach 

SNS Level

For Those Looking to Upgrade to the Much-Awaited CISSN Level-2 Masters Is Here! 

Presale promotions are available now, and the class commences in late March 2022. The first cohort will be all exclusively “live” online sessions with famous Ph.D. lectures from the ISSN; therefore, spots are extremely limited. 

CISSN Level-2 Masters

Nutritionist levels

CISSN Level-2 Masters is only for those that qualify; please view here for qualification and eligibility details: 

Briefly, you will qualify if you are a qualified dietician or nutritionist and have up to 10years of experience in nutrition. Prior qualifications and experience are a must. Another route is if you recently have completed the ISSN-SNS Level-1 Double Certification with the GPNi®, you may also qualify. This CISSN Level-2 Masters is not for the faint of heart and should only be tackled for those wanting to excel and grow their career in nutrition and the fitness industry. 

If you do not qualify, are unsure, and would like to double-check, please email us to find out,

ISSN-SNS Level-1 + CISSN Master Level-2 (ISSN Master Package)

Begin study immediately online with ISSN-SNS Level-1 with on-demand content and scheduled “live” sessions, and be then eligible to start the CISSN Level-2 Masters immediately after that on the next available course. 

For the ISSN-SNS + CISSN package, please email us for details and sign up as it will be manually processed. Please email 

Total study time for all together would be approximately 18months from beginning to end for the “ISSN Master Package.”

All existing paid members automatically receive an additional 18-25% off listed members’ price. 

GPNi-TV® On-Demand Content

Gpni tv

Get an additional USD$50 off the retail price of these on-demand webinars and webinars by the ISSN. All ISSN webinars are seminars are exclusively available on-demand through the GPNi® portal and GPNi-TV®. 

Both public & members equally share this incredibly limited time discount. 

ISSN Fight Science Camp Seminar

ISSN Fight Science Camp Seminar

Science Of Building a Successful PT Business

For webinar purchases with this discount, please use coupon code “gpnixmas” to receive the USD$50 off.

Christmas Gift Purchase with GPNi®

Give yourself that special Christmas / New Year’s gift bonus or gift to others you love. What better gift to give a loved one than nutrition knowledge and health! And what better time to buy than now with the savings! 

The Christmas New Year promotion officially begins Friday, December 17th, and ends midnight Friday, December 31st, 2021, at US Eastern Standard Time. 

If you would like to purchase for your friend or loved one, purchase as per usual, and we will set up your loved one’s account together with an exceptional Christmas Letter and details personalized from you. The unique Christmas & New Year’s PDF can send to them or print out the information for their access information personally. 

Bonus Gift to You As The Gift Giver

If this is a gift for a loved one, we want to reward you as “the gift giver” and give you a special gift of 10% credit to your account on GPNi® for the amount you spend on the gift. 

The credit can be used on any product, course, or on-demand content you wish on future things on the GPNi® portal. The credit is valid within the next 6months from purchase. 

The gift that keeps on giving with GPNi®

For any questions on the above, please contact us at any time by sending an email to or visiting our website at any time

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from The Global Performance Nutrition Institute – The GPNi®

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Sports Nutrition News

PNE Level-1 Online Course Schedule

With The ISSN-SNS Certification The Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level with the ISSN-SNS is a mid to high-level sports nutrition certification and course. Depending on

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