GPNi® UK New Exclusive Franchise Announcement

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PNE Level-1 Online Course Schedule

With The ISSN-SNS Certification The Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level with the ISSN-SNS is a mid to high-level sports nutrition certification and course. Depending on

GPNi® UK New Exclusive Franchise Announcement

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It is a great pleasure to announce our newest GPNi® Region Partner in the United Kingdom. GPNi® UK is our newest official and exclusive Regional Partner. You can learn more about the GPNi® Regional Franchise Partner program here. 

GPNi®’s exclusive and official partner in the UK is led by industry icon and veteran Paul Reed. Paul has decades of experience in the world of fitness, sports nutrition and MMA. Paul has an extremely impressive list of credentials in the fitness field unmatched by many, as well as a very successful entrepreneur.  

  • Paul is the vice president and head of performance of the largest MMA organization in the UK, English MMA 
  • Partner for Vortex CS one of UK’s top-level sports nutrition and strength and conditioning coaches for combat sports, together with Dr. Carl Evans one of the most celebrated sports nutritionists in Mixed Martial Arts now globally.
  • The Sports Nutrition Coach for the elite level professional athletes in the UK, such as the UFC Super Star Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett.
  • Many more including partner for now the newest and largest Elite performance gym in the UK.
UK announcement images for gpnifit
Paul’s client and World Champion Nathan Gorman

The list of all Paul’s accolades is impressive, and shows he and his team’s dedication in providing the world’s best education in fitness, mixed martial arts and sports nutrition. Paul and his elite team of sports nutritionists have multiple qualifications and experience in the field, as well as GPNi’s PNE Level-1 with SNS certificated and are also enrolled in the PNE Level-2 Masters, with CISSN certification course.

Paul and his team are one of the leading movers and shakers in the field of fitness and education, and they make a quality difference in the lives and performance of young athletes throughout the UK. Working alongside the Olympic committee in the UK, the UFC and many other top organizations we are proud to work with such a dedicated team representing GPNi® now officially and exclusively in the UK.

Image for announcement in UK by gpnifit
Paul with Paddy THE BADDY Pimblett. The list of Paul and his teams accolades is impressive, proving their dedication to fitness and nutrition
Gym image by gpnifit
Paul pictured with Nathan Gorman, The Baddy and other Pro UFC fighters for a tuff day at the gym!

GPNi® in the UK will be helping grow professional and health advocates in the most up-to-date, cutting-edge sports nutrition education programs by the GPNi® and the ISSN. 

All courses by the GPNi® offered now in UK will be the same highly regarded ISSN certifications from the GPNi®. Additionally, it will be localized to include UK government incentives, and local expert lectures offline soon to come as well!

Watch the full-length official video with CEO & Founder of GPNi® Drew Campbell and GPNi® UK vice president and head of performance Paul Reed on YouTube here:
Listen to what an experienced athlete and trainer GPNi® UK vice president and head of performance Paul Reed has to say about certification

What Is Available in UK? 

Official launch date will be late August 2022, though all courses and certification will be immediately available throughout the UK.

Certification and courses

All certification courses and continuing education courses will be available as per below:

Certification Courses:

  • PNE Level-1 with ISSN-SNS
  • PNE Level-2 Masters with ISSN-CISSN

Continued Education Certificates

  • Body Transformation Nutrition Coach (BTNC®)
  • Endurance & Marathon Nutrition Coach (EMNC®)

Follow & Learn More About GPNi® UK

You can find more about GPNi® by following their official pages also the official websites here:

Website: (website coming July 10th, 2022)




Who Is GPNi®

GPNi® is the fastest growing & leading global online education portal in performance nutrition and the official partner for the International Society Of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), the pioneers in sports nutrition research since 2003.

GPNi® gives you 360° access to our unique and exclusive online real-life classroom experience. Upgrade your knowledge, qualifications, network and connections globally to take your career in sports nutrition to the next level with the GPNi®.

GPNi® works with trusted region partners to grow and allow access to everyone in the world, no matter the country, time-zone, language or border.  The most cutting-edge education, scienced backed sports nutrition together with 360° localized access within each region. Grow and learn with GPNi® and our trusted partners.  

Gpni announcement

For those in other regions or channels, learn more about the GPNi® franchise opportunity by going to: or sending us an email to 

Learn more go to:


Follow the GPNi® also on: (YouTube Channel)

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