6 Reasons to get Certified in Sports Nutrition

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6 Reasons to get Certified in Sports Nutrition

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In today’s recently ever-changing world we are all looking at ways to stand out, make a difference and upgrade who we are.  With an increasing demand also for coaching online, we also need new skill sets that make us stand out from the crowd. 

Whoever has the edge, makes it! But it’s not easy to get to that point, and it can be a tough world without having your own “special identity”. It is though not impossible, with hard work, dedication, and willingness to learn new skills and earn new qualifications. Choosing the right qualification and knowledge though is key, and below we have listed 5 reasons why getting a sports nutrition certification may help you upgrade who you are, and help you ultimately DEFINE YOUR EDGE! 

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1. The 80/20 Rule  

Online sports & performance nutrition coaching is now the fastest-growing niche in the fitness world today. With the demand for sports nutrition in the West exceeding 25% growth in 2021, and up to 45% in Asia, the demand and consumption of sports nutrition knowledge, is the fastest-growing market in wellness and fitness.

80% of results in fitness, body composition, performance, and recovery is often based on nutrition, and 20% are based on the exercise itself. Of course, correct exercise is important!

Fact: However the synergy and compounding effect of a quality science-backed nutrition program will yield far greater results, also in a shorter period of time than exercise alone. Always remember, “Your Abs Are Made in The Kitchen, Not In The Gym“!

2. Real Science over Bro Science  

Understanding sports nutrition is important, but ensuring you are getting the most up-to-date sports nutrition is critically important.  Not all courses and certifications online are based on the latest science, many influencers online use “bro-science”, which may not yield the results you are looking for and may even be dangerous to experiment with.  

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Tap to see our article on Real Science Vs Bro Sciencehttps://gpni.fit/real-science-vs-bro-science/

All the Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) courses are based on the very latest research journals, as well as the authors are experts themselves. All courses are created and taught by multiple Ph.D. experts in sports nutrition.  The GPNi® lectures are created by those that did the research themselves on sports nutrition. These experts are the pioneers, the researchers where sports nutrition science originated from. GPNi® is the official partner of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), and all courses work alongside their globally recognized certifications, the PNE Level-1 with the ISSN-SNS, and the PNE Level-2 Masters, with the ISSN-CISSN.   

True science is KEY if you are looking to upgrade your own physique, and that of your clients, friends, or family members.  Always ensure your certification is not just created by so-called experts, but created by the leading experts and organizations in the field of sports nutrition science! 

Fact: GPNi® courses also are upgraded by the GPNi® panel of experts, 2-3 times a year, to ensure they are the MOST up-to-date in sports nutrition science.  

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3. Online Friendly – Do it Anytime Anywhere  

Fitness coaching can be a challenge when you are looking to coach online. Sports nutrition coaching however can be done anytime and from anywhere in the world – as long as you have a good internet connection.  If you are a coach looking to offer more services than what you already do, and looking to do more online, then getting a quality sports nutrition qualification will enhance what you offer and give you that “Edge” you are looking for.    

For the past 19 years, many thousands have been certified globally and in multiple languages. With the Sports Nutrition Specialist (ISSN-SNS) and Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), many have transitioned their career and grown to be well-respected online sports nutrition coaches. The GPNi® offers globally recognized certifications in the form of online education and courses. This allows you to study anytime, from anywhere.  

You will need to gain more practical experience than a qualification alone. Check with your local country regulatory on what you can and cannot do as a nutrition coach. However, being internationally certified and recognized with elite certification is a key foundation you must have to begin! 

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4. Internationally & University Recognized 

Choosing a qualification that is globally recognized is critical. Not all certifications and courses offered online are internationally recognized. On top of that, GPNi® offers certification in multiple languages, “truly” making it an international certification.

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We promote you on our website for the world to see! Tap to see our Certified Coaches. https://thegpni.com/coaches/certified?locale=en

GPNi® has been the fastest growing online education portal since 2018, and since 2020 has grown exponentially in multiple regions and languages across the world.  In 2022 GPNi® now has online courses in English, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. This gives GPNi® the largest multi-cultural and language student base, enjoying the authentic 360° online education solution in the field of sports nutrition.

To get the edge when choosing a qualification in sports nutrition, ensure that it is truly a globally recognized certification, backed by the latest science and in multiple countries, languages, and regions. 

5. Access to Experts & Global Network 

There are other online sports nutrition course certifications with quality learning. GPNi® takes great pride in offering more than just education and knowledge. We are also your opportunity to be “plugged-in” to a global network of industry experts, Professors, researchers, and fellow students taking the lead in sports nutrition. This is the 360° unique GPNi® education solution. 


Those that are leading the science, and those that are growing their career in sports nutrition become your personal network to tap into. With “live” online class groups, and access to private 24/7 class groups online you will be able to not just grow your knowledge with GPNi® but your network as well. 

It is often said that it is not just what you know, but who you know. With the unique GPNi® online technology and 360° online education solutions, we offer you our resources to help you, stand out and Define Your Edge

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6. Building Your Confidence as a Nutrition Coach 

Let’s face it, knowledge is one thing, but confidence is another. If there is a lack of confidence in the delivery of our newfound knowledge, it will be difficult to leverage this and apply it to our new online business.  Through GPNi® exclusive “live” classes, group assignments, and presentations for the PNE Level-1 (with the ISSN-SNS) and PNE Level-2 Masters (with the ISSN-CISSN) certifications, you will learn critical skills in preparing and giving presentations and creating diet plans to really ensure you can practically use these new skill sets. 

Confidence is often more important than knowledge alone. Through the 360° GPNi® education solution you learn to overcome your fears, build your confidence in preparing diets, and presenting them to your clients, all at the same time. 

We can’t wait to meet you in our online classroom and to introduce you to your future global colleagues! Questions on this article are welcome at info@gpni.ft

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GPNi® Student Satisfaction Guarantee 

At GPNi® we pride ourselves on not just providing online education, qualification, and certification, but a unique approach with a 360° education solution.  With a real-life classroom experience, full set of materials, clothing, and merchandise together with connections with students and elite experts throughout the world – plug into the fastest and largest growing network within sports nutrition. 

We are so confident in what we do that we are prepared to give you 100% of your tuition fee back within 45 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. No questions asked. Simply send us an email and we will process your full refund of the tuition fee you have paid.

Sign Up Today & Save 

• To sign-up, please follow the link below to purchase with this special 50% only to get started with IMMEDIATE access of just USD$529 tuition fee + logistics USD$89 and pay just USD$618 to get started RIGHT NOW to upgrade yourself and DEFINE YOUR EDGE!  

• Your course study materials, gifts, and clothing will be arranged immediately and arrive approximately 10 days later at your home. 

• Pay the remaining 50% USD$529 when you are ready to move to Phase Two, sit the official exam and attend the “live” classes. Study at your own pace and set your own schedule!  

That’s it. Easy! For any questions at all please go Contact Us, or send us an email at info@gpni.fit

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