Unlock Elite Performance at the Sports Nutrition Symposium 9.0

Join us from June 17th-19th for a transformative event! The Sports Nutrition Symposium 9.0 brings together top professionals to explore the latest in nutrition science and practical applications. The GPNi Performance Nutrition Institute, is proud to partner with and announce this upcoming ultimate Sports Nutrition Symposium 9.0 with our partners Eat 2 Win Sports Nutrition. A FREE symposium with an all star […]

GPNi Overseas | Combat Nutrition Conference, Tokyo, Japan

“Weight loss” is a topic of concern for all athletes, especially in the field of combat sports such as judo, wrestling, and taekwondo, where weight restrictions are strict and energy requirements for competition/training are required. Many athletes believe that this is important and requires skills. On December 2nd, GPNi Japan held a one-day sharing event […]

Protein Conference Japan

Wellness Tokyo is the largest health and wellness exhibition in Japan, covering seven professional fields: the exercise and sleep conditioning care, the protein and health oil product areas that are highly regarded as functional foods, the anti allergy product, the organic and natural food, the fermented food, and the women’s technology product. At the end of November, GPNi ®️ CEO and […]


From January 29th to February 2nd, 2024, an all star, free online seminar on exercise and dietary supplements is coming! The content covers the hottest nutrition topics of the moment: plant protein, superfood, supplement adulteration behavior, sleep and stress, and so on. The GPNi Performance Nutrition Institute, as a sponsor of this seminar, invites you […]

Introducing GPNi UK Partner & Sports Nutritionist Paul Reed

Paul Reed has had over three decades of experience in Business and Coaching. Paul is a very successful entrepreneur and business owner plus a renowned and respected performance coach across Business, Sports Nutrition, Strength, Fitness and Health.  Working now with some of the UK and Europe’s top professionals in combat Sports, he also works tirelessly to support youth and amateur […]

GPNi Course Study Updates 2024

Moving into 2024, GPNi is announcing more flexible hours and ability to get certified also many more additional services to make your education experience even better than ever! 

ISSN Virtual Conference, Rapid Fire Science, Oct 14, 2023!

GPNi Members Enjoy Exclusive Discount! ZOOM meeting information will be emailed to all registrants a week or two prior to the virtual event. Date: October 14, Saturday – 12 noon until 4:15pm; All times are East Coast USA   Please use “ISSNGPNI” at checkout and on this link for the upcoming live “Rapid Fire Science” […]

Take You Back to GPNi/ISSN 2nd China Conference Highlights

https://youtu.be/D305U3CFMu8 On June 21st, the GPNi & the ISSN held the 2nd China Sports Nutrition Conference successfully at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China. Thanks for the support and cooperation of the Hi & Fi Asia-China 2023! At the Conference, guests from different fields such as sports nutrition education, nutrition raw material brands, […]

Why Are the ISSN International Certification Courses by the GPNi Superior to Other Sports Nutrition Certifications Globally?

A question often asked is why both the PNE-L1 + ISSN-SNS, also the PNE-L2 Masters + ISSN-CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist) certification course by the GPNi are superior compared to other sports nutrition certifications in the world, such as: NASM-CSNC (Certified Sports Nutrition Coach)  Precision Nutrition PN Level-2 Masters (Master Health Coach) ISSA – Nutritionist Certification  ACE – Fitness Nutrition […]


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