GPNi® International Cohorts & Schedule March 2022

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GPNi® International Cohorts & Schedule March 2022

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At the Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) we focus on providing the very best, most elite sports nutrition education and certification globally.  With the GPNi® online portal, language offerings, and localized region partners there are no borders.  With the GPNi® grow your global network in the fitness and sports nutrition space like no other and grow your knowledge and career together!

Many certifications claim to be “international” or “global” but are, in fact, not at all. Just naming a certification course “international,” “global,” or worse, a self-proclaimed “global association” doesn’t make it one.

GPNi® works officially alongside The International Society of Sports Nutrition, The ISSN®, founded by pioneers in the sports nutrition research space since 2003 and is the global leader. 

In addition, most online courses are offered in the English language only but falsely claim to be an “international” certification course. The raw fact is that it is less than 5% of the world’s population are native level English speakers, though of course many do have English as their second language, though a large majority of people are not native English speakers. 

Upcoming International Cohorts

Below is a list and dates of upcoming international cohorts also language offerings that is currently on schedule, though this will be always updated.

Body transformation coach

April Cohorts

Level 2 certification

May Cohorts


June Cohorts