Who is the EMNC® certification for?

Wether you are a professional coach for endurance athletes, want to be a better guide for endurance athletes, or want to educate yourself to push your endurance abilities and goals, this course is for you and much more.

This course will educate you on various dietary strategies for endurance training and sport and how best to apply these principles in your fitness practice.  You will also gain a fundamental understanding of the physiology of endurance training. Fundamental nutrition concepts will be covered in order to understand more specific dietary approaches proven and backed by research. All training and dietary protocols covered will be backed by both ISSN and leading sports nutrition research journals. Safety and precaution in all areas of endurance training related to performance nutrition strategy with exclusive research by Dr. Jason Lee. 

Studying with the GPNi® will help you determine fact from fiction and research from opinion!

What is included?

  • On-demand filmed content with Dr. Roger Adams.
  • Exam & certification.
  • LIVE tutorials & presentations with an expert.
  • 24hr group discussions/sharing in the class online exclusive Teams group.
  • Exclusive Facebook Members only group.
  • Optional extras: Print out course book, merchandise, and clothing.
  • Listed on the GPNi portal as a qualified student
  • CEC/CEU credits for ACE (5.5), NASM (1.7), AFAA (15) and NSCA (2.0).
  • CEC credits for all PNE Level-1 and Level-2 & ISSN certifications worth 3.5
  • One year of FREE access to the GPNi® “Members Corner” (worth USD$99 a year).

certification fees

  • Retail Price = USD$499
  • Early bird before November 15th = USD$399
  • No additional costs

course schedule with "live" lectures

The on-demand study is all online, with approximately 85% of the course. You can begin directly after signing up on the GPNi® Student Centre.  Study online, anytime, anywhere at times that suit you. So begin right away at your own pace, and in your own time. 

Live Class Schedule: 

December 6th the Live classes will begin, which represents approximately 15% of the course structure.  Meet, network, and grow your career in fitness, nutrition, and endurance events with a global cohort from all over the world.  

  • Tuesday December 6th: 

The “LIVE” 60minute length onboarding and introductions session with your global class mates will be Tuesday 6th of December.  With GPNi® CEO & Founder Drew John Campbell.   

  • Tuesday January 24th: 

Course review 90minutes in length, Q&A with qualified Nutritionist, and Certified Sports Nutritionist Ana Tera and presentation explanation.  

  • Tuesday February 28th: 

Presentations, and exam review with Ana Tera.  90minutes in length.  

Official exam can be sat between Tuesday February 28th – Friday March 10th 


Students will need to get 75% or more for the presentation and exam to pass and be qualified as an EMNC® certified coach and listed on the GPNi® website under the global nutritionists listing. 

If you wish to take longer and pace yourself, this is possible also and you can join any of the “live” cohorts, and official exam times throughout the year for up to 3years.   

Don’t forget! Once you have paid, you also have member access for a whole year where you also can learn from the experts through on-demand video streaming and PDF course materials on many topics useful to your career. We also promote you on our website here, for the world to see that you are a Certified Endurance & Marathon Nutrition Coach (EMNC®️).

See you soon!


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