Real Science Vs. Bro Science

Everyone has encountered advice based on unproven science, especially in the pursuit of weight loss or muscle gain. With the rise of the “Instafamous” generation, sports performance tips are no longer restricted to just the locker room. “Bro science” has flooded the internet and our daily lives. It’s often information overload on what should be taken for truth or fiction. […]


Today’s market if flooded with at home kits. With a quick swab of the mouth, you can gain invaluable knowledge about your family heritage, ethnicity and even health! Available genetic kits now offer insight into an individual’s wellness and some even offer personalized lifestyle and nutritional recommendations. We have established that a “one size plan” […]

When Supplements Don’t Work: 3 Examples

Not every supplement lives up to the claims you see on their labels. While some can improve sports performance, others may waste your money or be dangerous. Identifying products for efficacy and safety before you take them is an important first step. GPNi can help you analyze the science behind the labels. Contaminated Products There […]

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating. Another catchy phrase frequently used on social media. It is one of those things that one person adopts, feels great and suddenly feels that everyone around them should do the same. The term of “intuitive eating” was coined by two dietitians, Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole. Their goal was to provide a nutritional […]

Should You Supplement With Leucine?

Leucine has been called the “most important” amino acid because it promotes muscle growth and recovery. As an essential amino acid (EAA), leucine must be supplied through diet or supplements. Consuming a balanced ratio of EAA stimulates protein synthesis—adequate leucine intake maximizes this effect. Here are the science based best practices for integrating leucine into […]

How To Become a Qualified & Certified Sports Nutritionist

A sports nutritionist works with professional athletes to help create a diet plan that allows them to perform optimally. Athletes are generally very particular about their diet and need professionals to assist them in optimizing their performance, recovery, and “making weight”. This article discusses ways to becoming a sports nutritionist,with essential information about the field like what a […]

Plant-Based Protein Science For Vegan Athletes

Plant-based protein refers to protein sourced from plants and vegetables. This is the primary way vegans get their protein. It is considered that vegans may lack sufficient protein because the most common protein sources are animal sources. This is even more critical for vegan athletes who need more protein in their bodies compared to non-athletes. […]

Is the Plant-Based Diet Good or Bad For You?

1.What’s a plant-based diet? As the name suggests, a plant-based diet refers to any diet that centers around food, especially protein, that is sourced from plant sources. This can include fruit, grains, vegetables, legumes, peas, nuts, seeds and substitutes for meat such as soy products. Ideally, a healthy plant-based diet should consist primarily of nutrient-dense […]

Is Plant-Based Protein Truly Good for The Environment?

With the plant-based protein boom going on worldwide, building a sustainable planet is the prime mover. Whether it is healthier for humans to develop a plant-based lifestyle may still be proven; however, it is challenging to argue there is no climate change. Now with constant fires in California in 2021 and the devastating fires in […]

Customize Your Workout Carbs

Q:What do HIIT workouts, cyclocross, lifting weights, and 100 mile days have in common? A:They all require fueling that matches the effort. Performance Advantages Energy demands during workouts are unique and should be filled with the right fuel. This means carbohydrate (CHO) form, timing, and amount should match exercise duration and intensity. There are several […]