Harnessing the Power of Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediators: A Novel Approach to Inflammation Resolution

In the realm of inflammation resolution, a groundbreaking area of research has emerged, shedding light on the role of pro-resolving lipid mediators (SPMs) in orchestrating the delicate balance between immune response and resolution. SPMs, derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids, exhibit potent anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving properties, representing a promising avenue for therapeutic interventions. In this article, […]

EPA and DHA: How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Control Inflammation

Inflammation is a fundamental physiological response to injury and infection, playing a crucial role in the body’s defense mechanisms. However, when inflammation becomes chronic or excessive, it can contribute to various health issues, including chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. One way to modulate inflammation is through diet, and in recent […]

Oleocanthal as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent: The Mediterranean Diet Secret Weapon?

Inflammation is a complex biological response to various stimuli, including infections, injuries, and chronic diseases. While acute inflammation is a crucial defense mechanism, chronic inflammation can lead to numerous health issues, such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Over the years, the search for natural compounds with anti-inflammatory properties has intensified, and one intriguing substance […]

Outdated Nutrition Myths

Nutrition is and will always be a topic of debate. How can it not!? Everyone eats (we have too!) and there are so many different styles, cultures and opinions that most everyone thinks they know best! Want to lose weight? Stand on the corner and everyone will share a story about a friend who did […]

Nutrient Timing

Have you ever heard someone say “if you don’t consume protein within 30 minutes of a workout, your workout was a waste” or “eating frequent meals can boost metabolism”? Does eating at specific times really matter? Yes especially as it relates to sports performance! Nutrient timing is the concept of strategically planning when to consume […]

Eat To Support Your Gains

For all those fitness and exercise enthusiast getting the most out of each and every workout is important. For those dedicated to a gym routine or a specific gym goal, searching for tips and tricks to maximize each workout is a must. After all who wants to invest all that time and effort you invest […]

Potential Benefits Of Tongkat Ali

Eurycoma longifolia, also known as Tongkat ali is an herbal plant native to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, its root extracts have been used in increasing testosterone levels in men. Tonka Ali might have potential benefits in reducing blood pressure, fever, and fatigue. However, it’s important to note that there is limited evidence supporting these effects. In […]

Is Getting Buzzed A Buzz Kill For Your Performance Goals?

Alcohol and sports events go hand in hand when you are a spectator but the same does not hold true for sports performance. Let’s take a deeper look into the effects of alcohol on performance and fitness goals. Despite not being classified as a nutrient, alcohol contains 7 calories per 1 gram or 0.04 fl. […]

What Are E-Sports?

Over the past years, e-sports has experienced a significant surge in popularity, captivating millions of viewers and amassing a global fanbase. E-sports encompasses various types of competitive gaming with single and multi-player video games. This thriving industry is centered around organized multiplayer video game competitions. These are not your ordinary video games or at least […]

Should You Get Nutrition Advice From A Social Media Influencer?

Social media is a key aspect is almost everybody’s life. Some people use it for inspiration, to keep in touch with friends or promote their own business. The growing popularity of social media gave way to the creation of social media influencers. Sometimes these individuals are publicly known such as actors or models but more […]


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