How and Why Beetroot Juice Boost Performance

Athletes are committed to continually improving their journey. They train hard, eat right, recover and repeat. The drive to excel has led many athletes on the journey to find that perfect supplement which gives them a competitive edge. A surprisingly popular yet unglamorous supplement that has taking the sports nutrition world by storm is beetroot […]

Unveiling the Power of Nutrigenomics and SNPs in Athlete Performance

In the world of sports and athletics, achieving peak performance is the ultimate goal. Athletes strive to push their bodies to the limit, seeking every possible advantage to gain a competitive edge. While rigorous training regimens and talent play a significant role, an emerging field called nutrigenomics, combined with the study of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms […]

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGMS): A Game-Changer for Athletes

In the world of sport and fitness, every advantage counts. Athletes continuously seek ways to optimize their performance, from diet and training regimens to recovery techniques. In recent years, a new biometric tool has emerged that promises to revolutionize the way athletes manage their energy levels and enhance their performance: Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGMS). […]

Enhancing Athletic Performance with Magnesium Supplementation

The pursuit of peak athletic performance has led athletes and sports enthusiasts to explore various strategies to gain that competitive edge. One often-overlooked but vital aspect is the role of essential minerals like magnesium. This unassuming element plays a significant role in numerous physiological processes within the human body, making it a potential game-changer for […]

The Dance of Iron: How Hepcidin Influences Iron Absorption in Athletes

Iron is a crucial mineral for athletes. It plays a vital role in oxygen transport, energy production, and overall physical performance. However, iron balance in the body is a delicate dance, especially for athletes who may experience increased iron demands due to factors like intense training (resulting in gastrointestinal bleeding and hemolysis) and potential blood […]

Superfoods for Super powers?

Superfoods. People are raving about how great they are and how we should incorporate them in our everyday diet. They are credited with having incredible health benefits, perhaps the possibility of giving you super human powers! But does anyone really know what this term mean? Superfoods is frequently used to describe foods that are believed […]

Effects of protein intake prior to carbohydrate-restricted endurance exercise: a randomized crossover trial

Abstract Background Deliberately training with reduced carbohydrate availability, a paradigm coined training low, has shown to promote adaptations associated with improved aerobic capacity. In this context researchers have proposed that protein may be ingested prior to training as a means to enhance the protein balance during exercise without spoiling the effect of the low carbohydrate availability. […]


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