How Hepcidin Influences Iron Absorption in Athletes

Iron is a crucial mineral for athletes. It plays a vital role in oxygen transport, energy production, and overall physical performance. However, iron balance in the body is a delicate dance, especially for athletes who may experience increased iron demands due to factors like intense training (resulting in gastrointestinal bleeding and hemolysis) and potential blood […]

What Should You Eat Before, During And After Exercise?

Have you ever heard someone say “if you don’t consume protein within 30 minutes of a workout, your workout was a waste” or “eating frequent meals can boost metabolism”? Does eating at specific times really matter? Yes especially as it relates to sports performance! Nutrient timing is the concept of strategically planning when to consume […]

Unlock Elite Performance at the Sports Nutrition Symposium 9.0

Join us from June 17th-19th for a transformative event! The Sports Nutrition Symposium 9.0 brings together top professionals to explore the latest in nutrition science and practical applications. The GPNi Performance Nutrition Institute, is proud to partner with and announce this upcoming ultimate Sports Nutrition Symposium 9.0 with our partners Eat 2 Win Sports Nutrition. A FREE symposium with an all star […]

GPNi® UK New Exclusive Franchise Announcement

It is a great pleasure to announce our newest GPNi® Region Partner in the United Kingdom. GPNi® UK is our newest official and exclusive Regional Partner. You can learn more about the GPNi® Regional Franchise Partner program here.  GPNi®’s exclusive and official partner in the UK is led by industry icon and veteran Paul Reed. […]

GPNi® Student Testimonials

See what other students over the years have said about studying, learning, and being certified on the GPNi® portal with these student testimonials and independent in-depth reviews. Since 2003, the ISSN certifications, research, position stands, journals, and conferences have been leading the world in sports nutrition science. With the official partnership with GPNi®, now get […]


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