Third Party Testing

Third-party testing refers to the process of testing a product or service by an independent organization or entity that is not affiliated with the manufacturer or provider of the product or service. This process is used in numerous industries such as healthcare, and consumer goods. It is particularly important in the dietary supplement industry, especially […]

What To Look For In A Pre-Workout Supplement

Mustering the energy and motivation to workout can be a challenge. Although some people are ready to workout at any given time, all of us suffer from feeling less than energized from time to time. This is where pre-workout can come in handy! Pre-workout is a dietary supplement specifically designed to be consumed prior to […]

What Are The Health Benefits And Negative Effects Of Tropical Oils?

Tropical oils are vegetable oils that are extracted from the fruits or seeds of tropical plants. These oils are typically solid at room temperature and have a high melting point, which makes them useful in a variety of food applications. Some common types of tropical oils are: Coconut oil which is extracted from the kernel […]

Is Bone Broth A Miracle Food That Can Alleviate Health Issues?

Bone broth is one of those food trends. It has been around for decades but gaining some attention recently. Some nutritionists and health fanatics claim bone broth is a miracle food that can alleviate a host of health issues. To start, bone broth is a type of broth that is made by simmering animal bones […]

Strategies To Incorporate Flaxseeds Into Your Daily Regimen

Flaxseeds are trendy in today’s health food culture yet they have been arounf for thousands of years. They from flowering Linum usitatissimum plant, they are cultivated for food and fiber. Flaxseeds even have use in the textile industry due to its strong durable fibers found in the plant’s stem. Two tablespoons of ground flaxseed is […]

What Is Semaglutide? Is It Really Effective For Weight Loss?

Obesity is a global pandemic. This multifaceted health issue has created a litany of different theories on the etiology and an endless number of “solutions” yet none seem to make a real dent in the issue. One of these solutions is weight loss drugs. For the most part, many weight loss drugs have failed miserably. […]


The brain is undoubtedly one of the more important organs in our body. It allows us to feel emotions, move our bodies, make important choices and communicate with others. As we grow older in age our brain size begins to shrink. Cognitive decline and other brain disorders are common in the aging population. Of course, […]

Essential oils, essential for weight loss?

We are all very familiar with fad diets such as no or low carb, cabbage soup, Atkins, This can go on ad infinitum. Aside from diets, supplements, drugs and even potions – or in this case essential oils – are frequently marketed as miracle weight loss aids. Can essential oils really induce weight loss? What exactly […]

Why Are the ISSN International Certification Courses by the GPNi Superior to Other Sports Nutrition Certifications Globally?

A question often asked is why both the PNE-L1 + ISSN-SNS, also the PNE-L2 Masters + ISSN-CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist) certification course by the GPNi are superior compared to other sports nutrition certifications in the world, such as: NASM-CSNC (Certified Sports Nutrition Coach)  Precision Nutrition PN Level-2 Masters (Master Health Coach) ISSA – Nutritionist Certification  ACE – Fitness Nutrition […]


Recently, the idea of improving one’s mental performance is gaining some attention. Why not put effort into our mental performance the same way we put effort into our physical health, right? Nootropics are thought to do just that. An ergogenic aid for the brain. Nootropics refer to any substance or dietary supplement that can enhance […]